What is Tohru.Party?

Tohru.Party is a simple to use free file hosting service. It lets you share your photos with others online.

What files are allowed?

We welcome to uploading all kind of photos, since we dont care about DMCA Requests.

As an exception to this policy to prevent abuse, we do not allow Malware, Anykind of Pornography, Gore, War Images or anything similar on our Service. Any malware that could be used to infect other computers may be removed from our service at our discretion.

Can you remove my copyrighted file?


Can you remove files that are defaming me or otherwise infringing my non-copyright rights?


Can you remove illegal files?

Of those fall under the Policy (No Malware, Porn, Gore, War Images & etc.) we will enforce those,
and remove them in a timely manner of 72 Hours.
We have not been trained or qualified to investigate and fight crimes and enforce the law, so it's not appropriate to send accusations of illegal activity to us.

I have a question...

Due to the Corona Crisis we dont answer questions, we're sorry.